Research and Evaluation

We inform thinking and support decision making by designing and delivering robust and insightful research and evaluation. Through our  work, we help a wide range of organisations gather, synthesise and make sense of evidence to make better policies, programmes, regulations and other interventions. Some of our research and evaluation work has been conducted under the trading name of 'Databuild', which Winning Moves acquired in 2016.

Services offered

Strategy development

Establishing needs, identifying options and determining potential actions.

Measuring Value

Evaluating outcomes and impacts, and understanding the difference made.

Programme or policy design

Testing policies/programmes and generating feedback.

Finding out 'what works'

Evaluating processes, assessing service delivery and reviewing operations.

Understanding audiences

Establishing awareness, exploring markets and behaviour and understanding customer experience and satisfaction.

Integrated Approaches
Focus GroupsFocus Groups
Evidence ReviewsEvidence Reviews
Analysis and AnalyticsAnalysis and Analytics
Depth InterviewsDepth Interviews
Theory based evaluationKey Informant Interviews
Mystery ShoppingMystery Shopping

Winning Moves' research and evaluation work is conducted in accordance with the MRS Code of Conduct; we are a Market Research Company Partner; and we are registered to ISO 20252:2012 the international standard for social and market research. In addition we have obtained Cyber Essentials.

We know quite a few stellar early career researchers who use social science data. 🙂
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