Supporting digital access is hugely important to us at Winning Moves. ‘Digital’ is one of our values, and ‘helping to create better tomorrows through digital, data and insight’ is our mission. So, we were gratified to be able to support the reduction of the digital divide by donating a collection of IT resources – including laptops, monitors, phones, cables etc – to be refurbished for re-use by REPC.

REPC is a social enterprise that repurposes computer equipment to help address the digital divide. They distribute repurposed equipment to eligible charities that work with disadvantaged groups and help them gain access to the internet. In addition to donating digital resources, we also donated desks and chairs for use by local communities.

As well as benefiting digitally deprived communities, REPC’s re-use and repurposing benefits the circular economy; reducing the environmental impact of disposal or producing new equipment. Encouraging re-use and promoting sustainability is equally important to us, and underpinned by our commitment to the Market Research Society’s Net Zero Pledge – that we will be sustainable by 2026.

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