A selection of published reports providing a flavour of our work. Use the search function to home in on areas of interest. Please note that Databuild is a trading name of Winning Moves, and some of these projects and contracts were undertaken under our trading name.

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Mohammed Hawash BSc
Regen SW commissioned Databuild to conduct a market analysis study to better understand the market for retrofit in the south west, including energy efficiency and microrenewable measures and technologies.
Debs Secker BSc
Research to review the delivery and impact of community energy projects and to establish the scale of community energy activity in the UK to supplement DECC's evidence base and inform their Community Energy Strategy.
Debs Secker BSc
Databuild was commissioned by HMRC to conduct qualitative research to explore the drivers of behaviour change and innovation in the waste management industry, and the role of the landfill tax in this.
Debs Secker BSc
An independent review, commissioned on behalf of the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Programme Committee, of the Inter-Governmental Agreement for the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) legislative scheme and GEMS Act.
CRC Evaluation Image
Debs Secker BSc
Research, undertaken in partnership, on the CRC energy efficiency scheme including examining how energy use is managed, steps taken to improve energy efficiency and influential factors.
Energy Saving Trust Logo
Debs Secker BSc
An evaluation of the Ready for Retrofit programme which aims to create a sustainable domestic energy efficiency and micro-generation retrofit market in the South West of England capable of delivering a massive refurbishment of the their housing stock.
Energy Saving Trust Logo
Debs Secker BSc
An evaluation of the Scottish Government's District Heating Loan Fund, managed by the Energy Saving Trust.
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Debs Secker BSc
A review of gambling participation and prevalence data from March 2008 to December 2014 to explore trends in gambling participation, including individual gambling activities, modes of participation and frequency.
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Debs Secker BSc
A robust and evidence-based study into the costs and benefits to the UK of including a provision of Compulsory Origin Marking (COM) within the Consumer Product Safety Regulations.


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