Enterprise Ireland has recently launched its Brexit SME Scorecard; a new interactive online platform, developed by Winning Moves, which can be used by all Irish companies to self-assess their Brexit readiness and identify actions, resources and events that can be utilized to prepare for Brexit.

The tool supports the early planning and preparation that is critical to a company's ability to respond to the challenges presented by Brexit. It focuses on 6 business pillars which are needed to strengthen businesses and increase resilience: Business Strategy, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Innovation and People and Management.

Based on responses to the assessment, a personalized report is generated which allows senior managers to take a holistic view of the areas in their business that may be vulnerable in light of Brexit. The report also offers suggestion on actions that can be taken, events that may be of interest and resources that can be accessed in the context of business planning to facilitate readiness to do business in a post-Brexit marketplace.

Julie Sinnamon, CEO, Enterprise Ireland said: “The Brexit SME Scorecard has been developed for Irish SMEs and is an integrated part of Enterprise Ireland’s Prepare for Brexit campaign to encourage SMEs to take the first step of preparation by conducting their own assessment of areas of potential risk and opportunity arising from Brexit and to develop a plan of action in response.”

Download the full article to find out more.

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